Thursday, March 31, 2011

Legal Business Consulting

I am excited and honored to be working with a new law firm client.  Legal business consulting is very interesting and challenging to me.  As someone who has practiced law as a trial lawyer and a corporate attorney, I truly enjoy and understand how to work with lawyers and law firms.  I understand their needs and their points of view.  I understand the deficiencies and strengths of lawyers and law firms as business people and businesses.  I enjoy assisting with business strategy, HR, streamlining costs, finding ways to improve revenue, assisting with technology solutions for running the business, marketing campaigns, advertising, managing dockets, client and lead acquisition, setting up case management systems for large volume cases such as mass torts and conducting ediscovery.  I also am certified as a trial and jury consultant and as such, I enjoy assisting on litigation strategy and jury selection.  In most instances, my Firm is able to offer a comprehensive strategic solution to almost any need a law firm has.

I look forward to attacking the challenges placed before me and working with my client to find the correct solutions.

Until the next time,