Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Football time in Texas!

It has been a fun football season so far in 2011! My oldest son is playing on his middle school football team. He plays safety, wide receiver and is the holder on kicks. He is really coming on as a player. He is fast, catches everything that comes near him and is an absolute whiz at reading offenses and covering receivers. He also loves to hit! I am very proud of him and how much effort and work he has put in this summer and season. He is a great player no doubt about it!

My second oldest is also playing ball this Fall and I am the secondary and receivers coach on his team. He plays corner and receiver and is really coming on too! He loves to hit, is fast, catches really well and has a natural feel for the game and playing defense. I am very proud of him and how hard he tries everytime he steps on the field. He is a fabulous player.

I am also enjoying following my Longhorns this year. They are showing a lot of improvement and are really talented. Their only downside is youth. They have an extremely young team but they are gamers and have plenty of talent. They are a fun team to watch!

My Cowboys played a great game last night against the Redskins. They won with 6 fieldgoals and no touchdowns. I dont know that I have ever seen that before. It was a great game by the QB and I hope they are able to make a run this year.

Im looking forward to following all of my teams throughout the season! Go Cavs! Go Knights! Go Horns! Go Cowboys!

Until the next time,