Thursday, December 6, 2012

Is #PredictiveCoding a Cure for Out-of-Control Discovery Costs?

Is Predictive Coding a Cure?

Is Predictive Coding a Cure for Out-of-Control Discovery Costs?
The prevalence of electronic documents, including emails,
has made business and personal communications less
expensive and more efficient. But where litigation is
concerned, quite the opposite is true. In an earlier era, a big
litigation case might have involved a few dozen boxes of
paper documents and a small group of associates to eyeball
each document; now, large teams of contract lawyers are
pulled together to cull through terabytes of electronic data.
Consequently, the time and costs involved in discovery have
skyrocketed, sometimes completely overwhelming the
normal cost-benefit analysis in litigation.
Is there a technological solution? Maybe a partial one, in
certain circumstances.