Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dubai - Abu Dhabi

I recently returned from Abu Dhabi and Dubai where I was working with two different clients.  I helped negotiate and close two deals in excess of $10 million dollars.  It was a business development trip.  It is one of my strengths and one of the areas of consulting I love the most.  I love the challenge of being brought in to close a deal.

As for the UAE, it is an exciting world over there.  There is such excitement and optimism in the air.  The clients are eager and willing.  It is a wonderful nation and an admirable people.  I enjoyed my time in the UAE, my flights on Etihad and the stops in NYC!  Etihad is an amazing airline.  If you are looking for a carrier to take you to the UAE, I give them my highest recommendation.

Here are some pictures of my trip:

The plane:

My seat for the trip:

My hotel:

Me  hard at work in the lounge on the plane during the flight:

view outside from the hotel during breakfast:

some sort of bird's nest monument on the beach:

Doing business over a traditional Arab meal:

The mall and Palace in Abu Dhabi:

I am scheduled to return at the beginning of next year.  I look forward to it.

Until the next time,