Thursday, December 9, 2010


Sometimes it is so difficult to take that next step.  To find the strength to try something you are afraid of.  To try something you are afraid to fail at.  Some people are so afraid of failing, they never even try.  They think it is better to never try so they never fail.

What kind of sense does that make?  If this applies to you, stop and think about it.  Is it really better to never fail and never get to play?  to never try?  to never get in the game of life?  to never live?  Because that is what you are choosing.  You are so afraid to fail, you cease living life.  While you may not experience failure, you will never experience winning.  Is it really worth that?  To give up any chance of success to avoid the possibility of failure, no matter how remote?  to not ever have success, joy, triumph, so you can avoid one instance of failure?

The reality is success or failure are irrelevant.  They are nothing more than a product of your efforts.  The focus should always be on the process, your efforts, and doing your best.  Because in the end, you cant control success or failure but you can control your effort, how hard you work and how much of yourself you give to the task.  The reality is if you do your best, work your hardest, you will succeed most of the time.  But once again, success or failure is irrelevant in life.  It is the attempt, the trying, the living with your all, your soul, your being, that counts.  That is where you make your mark and demonstrate what you are worth.  It is how to live life and to experience the best part of life: trying, being involved, playing the game.

Do not be one of those cold timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.  One of the critics who sits on the sidelines and points out how the doer of deeds could have done them better.  Be one of those people on the field of play.  Who spends himself in a worthy cause, regardless of victory or defeat.  Be one of those people who knows the great joys of triumph and the great sorrows of defeat.  But knows that by investing himself in such an endeavor, regardless of outcome, that he has lived life on this earth and he has dared to make a difference, dared to be great.

Do not be afraid to fail.  Do not even give it second thought.  Focus on the process.  Focus on stepping to the free throw line, left foot, right foot, bounce the ball three times, spin the ball in your hands, catch it, stick out your tongue, snap your wrist.....the ball will take care of the rest.

Until the next time,